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Announcing Racket Bitvectors (`bv`)

Announcing a new racket package bv for manipulating bitvectors with a rosette-style API.

$ raco pkg install bv

Racket bv (source and documentation) is a package for bitvector manipulation. The interface follows the names and conventions defined by rosette and its long-term goal is to be a high-performance bitvector library.

I am happy to receive any bug reports and feature requests you might have in the project's GitHub page.


This package release has been extremely overdue. It was first developed in 2017 and much improved through 2018 as part of s10, it hasn't seen the light of open source until now. Partially because it was intertwined with a lot of other code and partially because I never bothered to sit down and write some documentation.

I am slowly untangling s10 into libraries and documenting them and hope to release them as open source sooner or later. The reason the library has a rosette API because I needed a fast bitvector library with the same API rosette uses due to constraints on how I engineered the equivalence solvers and search techniques within s10 however, I think it turned out to be a good decision in any case because the API is intuitive and it has great naming for functions operating on bitvectors.